Tuesday, 29 May 2012

A kind word

This is my request that if any of my dear blog followers can to please pop by this dear sisters blog and leave a kind comment. She is having such a hard time and I so often feel tears in my eyes reading her blog because her pain is so real and in some ways familiar.

Thank you all so much in advance.

Monday, 28 May 2012

Monday gratitude with Marie

This week I am grateful for....
Sweet baby hugs before bed
Somalian tea in a beautiful antique teapot
Having a sleepover with my sister
Sheets that smell like sunshine
Making cards with my daughter

White chocolate chip and apricot cookies
Pilates in the sunshine
Planting the winter vegetables
Sleeping next to my gorgeous wee man
Hot chocolate with marshmallows

A deserted beach
Watching 'the help'
Feeling Allah's love 
Hearing I call out "Mama" when he wants me
The smell of old books

Be sure to visit Marie for more Monday gratitude.

Have a beautiful and blessed week xx

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Let go

Let go of your grudges. Let the bitterness die tonight. Make a decision today that it's time to move on. And begin again. New, this time. Never forget that what has passed you by was never meant to befall you. And what has befallen you, was never meant to pass you by. Know that sometimes Allah withholds from you, in order to give you something better. Keep your heart focused on Him, and He will take care of the rest. And remember: you will stumble, but that’s part of the path. Keep going. Keep rising, and refuse to give up. - Yasmin Mogahed

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Why I homeschool

When my daughter was a baby I never intended on homeschooling and actually truth be told I thought home schooling was for freaks who wanted to socially deprive their children from all the public education system had to offer.

When my daughter was about four I met a woman who homeschooled all her six children, I remember telling her I didn't know how she found the patience and she told me something that made all the difference (and I myself have told countless people) "Patience isn't something that we are born with, it's something that is learned as you go along" ma'ashallah she was an amazing woman and although she died from cancer three years after that I will never forget her.

So my daughter starts school and she never really thrives, her reading is behind, her writing is behind and nearly every day she pretends to be sick, . This continues for a year when I decide enough is enough and make the decision to leave my job and home school her. Almost straight away her reading and writing improves and in the space of a few months she went from barely being able to read any words to reading chapter books! That alone was the encouragement I needed to keep going and that I did.

Oh you wouldn't believe the negative comments I have received over the years from people who think I should put her into school (as if it's actually any of their business) many people are curious but some are just plain rude (to those people I start talking a lot about government conspiracies and that usually gets rid of them ;) )

I wouldn't say I that I wouldn't send any of my other children to school but with A I would not, it just doesn't work for her. You can't fit a round peg into a square hole and I know my daughter well enough to know that the 'traditional' school system is just not for her. She excels at home actually, she may be ten but ninety percent of the subjects she is studying this year are at high school level ma'ashallah. What works for one doesn't always work for all as is clearly shown with her.

Originally I was unschooling her but that didn't work so well, I'm just not organized enough ;)

So now we start at 9.30 with Arabic every morning.

From ten to twelve we do maths, english and history

From one to three we do science, geography, social sciences etc

From four to dinner she works on a project that we decide on previously and it could be from making a bird bath to sewing a dress to making a clay pot.Sometimes she will just spend it reading.

For an hour each night I try to give her an hour with just me to do whatever she wants so tonight we watched a documentary on the Aztecs sacrificing rituals but tomorrow it may be scrabble or baking muffins.

We do have other projects and things we do but i think I will save those for another day :)

She is also expected to do chores daily and they change from day to day but I have not touched her bedroom since she was four and she also does her own laundry and puts away the dishes. I don't pay her for general helping around the house because that is just being part of a family but for jobs like washing the outside windows or scrubbing the stairs she does. Teaching our children to be responsible is one of the most important things we can teach. When I see a mother who does everything for her children I often think she is robbing them of the pride they feel from being able to handle responsibility. Life skills are something I really focus on in homeschooling her because when I left home I did not know how to cook at all or clean or even sew on a button! I would never want that for her.

I do feel strongly that insha'Allah I will continue to home school any children I have because I see the continued blessings from it. Well statistics just speak for themselves!

Basically the reason I home school is because it is what is best for my daughter and her sense of security means more to me than all the free time in the world.

Have a blessed  weekend my dear sisters xx

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

How my parents took my acceptance of Islam

I get asked all the time by friends and strangers alike how my parents took my becoming a Muslim, they usually ask in a way that makes it sound like I became a mass murderer but there is the occasional genuine person amongst them.

My family was not really the problem actually. My father died when I was eleven and even before that my mother was living with her boyfriend to which she does this day. My mother and I have never had a great relationship and I have not lived ta home since the day I turned sixteen but alhamdulillah Allah has provided so much healing where that relationship is concerned.

I can't really remember ever telling my family I had become Muslim, they just watched me transform from a mini skirt wearing blonde who lived at the gym to this hijabi who spent her life at Arabic classes. They couldn't care less about what religion I followed since they are all atheists themselves, I could have chosen to worship the family goldfish and they wouldn't have even raised their eyebrows. What they did have an issue with was lifestyle actually, my mother would tell me I looked like an old woman now and my sister couldn't understand why I had to end all my male friendships or wouldn't even be around alcohol. My mother used to look at me with disdain in her eyes and think I had been brainwashed. As time goes by it gets easier and easier, my mother will listen to me now talk about Islam and she has even come to the Masjid with me. Alhamdulillah. My sister has come to Islamic events with me. Alhamdulillah. I have had family members tell me that Islam has transformed me into a new and better person. Alhamdulillah.

Now the church I belonged to and my christian friends were a whole other story so i'll leave that for another time ;)

Allah is so good and ever merciful. For other sisters struggling with family members who are not so accepting just remember through time and reflection a lot can change. Just remember to always be kind, always be gentle and Allah will do the rest, don't ever give up hope that Allah can perform miracles because if he can get my mother in a masjid (who proclaims to hate God) than he can do anything.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Some random stuff about me

Heights freak me out♥I can't use the same towel twice without washing it♥I have never deep fried anything in my life♥My favourite colour is pink♥I have an obsession with aprons♥I secretly fear a zombie invasion♥I hate looking at any mans feet♥My favourite cookies are white chocolate and apricot♥I am too loud♥I can't stand to wear polyester♥ I watch English speaking movies with the subtitles on♥ I adore cardigans♥ I think piglets are the cutest things ever♥For a year I dressed in saris♥I have purple boxing gloves♥I love reading Amish fiction♥I have my nose pierced♥I hardly ever make my bed♥I hate it when stuff doesn't match♥My actual name is Bonnie-Lee♥I have the worst singing voice ever♥I am 28♥I listen to recordings of the rain to fall asleep♥When I was a teenager I used to wish I was Indian♥I brought myself a wedding ring when I was 20 and vowed to never leave MYSELF♥My favourite book is the city of joy♥I love make-up like a little girl loves candy♥I love smelling my own hair♥ I wish I lived in little house on the prairie♥I was given an iPhone and have never used because I'm scared of it♥My favourite accents are French ones♥the perfume I wear is called Be Delicious♥Ice cream makes me throw up but I love it so I still eat it anyway♥My favourite smell in the whole world is my baby's feet♥I think the Beatles were highly overrated♥I'm scared of the dark♥I can't eat pizza without coke zero to accompany it (even though I know that yes it's terrible for you)♥The last book I read was Mockingjay♥I hate the taste of coffee♥My worst habit is procrastinating♥I still remember the entire book of Psalms♥I cried my eyes out at Edward and Bella's wedding lol ♥

Have a beautiful and blessed week

Friday, 11 May 2012


Salam alikum

Welcome to my new blog

As you can see my past has been wiped clean and I am all ready for new experiences and adventures and hopefully new friends along the way.

Love and blessings to you all xxx