Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Our converts road trip

I keep meaning to write, truly I do but life just has a funny knack of getting in the way but today I was determined and so even though I'm covered in sand, have seriously the worlds biggest laundry pile and am so far behind on my studying tbut I was determined to write, so right now I'm wedged in next to the washing machine whilst making koshary and listening to some lectures.

I've been away on a converts road trip which has consisted of traveling the country and talking and interviewing many, many converts. This was not an easy feat at all with two kids and at times I was getting by on two hours sleep and many, many carbs but it was SO worth it. I met so many sisters that inspired me beyond words. One girl who particularly stood out was a young teenager who had converted to Islam along with her boyfriend and they had both gotten married and moved in together to make it halal and after this her mother converted as well. Ma'ashallah she was so sweet and endearing and just so super happy to meet another convert, she wore her hijab proudly to school each day even though it makes her the target of torment. Another sister who stood out was a little old Maori lady who had recently converted and although she had nothing she was just so happy and excited to be a Muslim. She told me "I'm gonna get me one of those young Syrian boys, oh they are so delicious!" causing me to choke on my coffee with uncontrollable laughter.

I met many sisters with drug and alcohol problems, terrible marriages, gang affiliations, other abuse problems. Some so hurt and bitter and depressed they responded only to me in anger. But I can tell you no matter how dire their situation each and every single one of them knew that with saying the Shahadah comes hope. The hope of healing and a promise that Allah can heal that which they thought was broken forever. Maybe its not immediate but when you turn even a little to Allah he responds by giving you and love and acceptance and belonging maybe you never thought you would have. Maybe you had searched your whole life for. Allah brings beauty from pain, that which is smashed beyond recognition he restores to something of stunning beauty. With Islam comes the love that no matter how hard you search you will never find anywhere else. You are never so far gone that Allah can not rescue you, all you have to do is call for help. Tomorrow is going to be a better day.

I will write some more soon but just wanted to pass by and offer my love to you and let you know that I am still around! xxx