Monday, 17 December 2012

Goodbye for a little while

The whole house is a mess of boxes, bags and just stuff! Everywhere you look is just stuff! I really fail when it comes to packing. Lucky my best friend has been here everyday to boss me around and make me do stuff I really do not want to do!

I am off for now! To a new country and new adventures, this has been in the works for a while but I did not really want to say anything until the last minute.

I will miss New Zealand like you wont believe. The sound of the waves as I go to sleep every night, fresh picked cherries, picnics with my friends every Wednesday afternoon, farmers markets, random conversations with old ladies on the bus, the smell of the masjid, endless days at the each, thrift stores, Chai lattes with my best friend, the forest that surrounds me.

When I first came back here my heart was smashed into a thousand pieces and without even trying slowly but surely my heart got put back together. Allah is forever merciful.

I will write once more before I go this week but for a while after that I will be crazy busy with settling in and study and my billion other things but I will be back! That you can count on inshaAllah.