Friday, 26 April 2013

Sadness and Bangladesh and other things

I haven't written for a while and I am thinking rather strongly these days about giving up my blog for good.

I have had a lot of struggles in my personal life and it's more than that at the moment there is much pain in the world and it really, really hurts my heart. Beyond that I have no tolerance for judgmental people and they seem to be everywhere I look online and off. I have real troubles living here, too many times I have had an 'encounter' with someone here and sat in my car screaming out loud to myself how much I hate this country. Then my poor husband gets five texts in a row about how much I hate this country and then I call my Mum when I get home to tell her as well about how much I hate this country.

I miss people who think the same as me. Here I feel like a very square peg in a round hole.

 I am so careful about what I eat here, eighty percent of the maize and soy among other things  here is GMO, even the milk is made with a genetically modified growth hormone, I don't let my kids eat artificial colourings that are derived from tar for example and because I do this people literally laugh at me and make fun of me.

When I told the nurse I am not vaccinating my son she made a huge fuss about it. She told me straight out what I am doing is child abuse and my son will die. I told her in a very polite way to just PO. She told me she should just do it anyway. I told her in a very loud voice that if she touched my son I would be calling the police for assault and will sue this clinic so fast her head would spin.

Not that calling the police in this country would do anything at all.....

I don't like having to be so aggressive all the time, it's really not my nature.

We are leaving for Singapore in a couple of months and I truly can not be out of here fast enough. Just today my husband was blackmailed by the women processing his work visa, she told him that he had to pay an additional 1000 USD than we he had agreed to and if he didn't then she was keeping the passports and as I said earlier ringing the police will result in nothing. She somehow has this idea that because he is an engineer that he is rich, she is more than welcome to come and view our apartment. We don't even own furniture! I am so tired of the nastiness of people, the scary lab experiment food and the big scary fences surrounding everything in sight. I am aware I am whinging but I don't care. It's my blog and I'll whinge if I want to.

This past week I am sure most of you have heard about the factory collapsing in Bangladesh. I was in Bangladesh exactly a year ago and to hear this news really makes my heart bleed. I love that country and the people and it made me think a lot about something I wanted to share. While I was in Bangladesh I needed to get some clothes for my son. I was not prepared at all for how hot it was going to be! I brought him some shirts which cost at least 50 USD at home however when I brought them from Bangladesh they cost about two or three dollars. If I am buying the fifty dollar shirts for a few dollars than just imagine how much the workers are being paid and the conditions they are working in.We need to think more about where that cute shirt or new jacket is coming from. People are literally paying with their lives so that we can have cheap clothes. It's not OK at all. Someones mother or wife or son will not be coming home tonight and we have a part to pay in that role.

I hope everyone has is having a good week. I have so much more to say about Femen, about the Boston bombings, about everything really but I guess it will have to wait. I am going to heed my husbands advice about staying off the internet for a while (or at least the weekend :)  It really does more harm than good sometimes.

Love and blessings to all.

“If we find ourselves with a desire that nothing in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that we were made for another world.”

― C.S. Lewis


  1. My sweet Bonnie I am so sad to hear you are struggling so much. It must be hard for you to be far from the people you know, people who love you as you are.
    Don't let this country take the best out of you. Some people are just crazy and stupid. I trully hope singapore will be a better experience.
    Much love to you and your little ones.

  2. Asalom Alai kom my dear LIL SIS,

    HUGgggggggggggggggggggssssssssssssssssssssss....En sha Allah Signapore will be better suited for you.....I know what you are experiencing. Your comment ''I don't like having to be so aggressive all the time, it's really not my nature.'' REALLY hit a cord with me..... I know It seems that in order for your voice to be heard you have to be an absolute COW.....I think it is when we are hurting so much the little things affect us badly.People do not realise how much they can hurt others.

    I am in a meloncoly mood today....will tlk later en sha ALLAH

    Yes everytime I hear about Bangladesh I think of you.....

    En sha Allah you find peace lil sis,
    My Love and Salams to all K xxxx

  3. As salaamu alaykum wa Rahmatullah!

    Every time I leave a comment on here, I seem to lose it and then have to "decide" to come back another time and retype something! SO...second time around, I have found that we crunchy, health and environment conscious, informed Muslims really cannot expect the majority of people to be on the same wavelength as us, let alone the same actual radio station. Most people just cruise along in life ignorant of the REALITY around them and busy with their own self-suited lifestyle. At the end of the day, you have to take them all with a pinch of cheap, supermarket iodized salt and focus on the things that ARE important - your relationship with Allah and your precious family and loved ones. They will always be there, wherever you go inshaa Allah.

    I have, for the most part, given up trying to educate and expand people's horizons unless they are open to it or seeking it. As far as making a point with many "Muslim cultures," I rarely go there. However, I keep on doing my thing and couldn't care less what they think of my cloth nappied baby, brown rice, and cotton abaya. If I'm good with Allah, then I'm good...and so are YOU!