Sunday, 6 March 2016

Banana Ice cream and new directions

I haven't written anything in a while first because I was in Egypt and then because I was busy getting healthy and then because I needed time to think about what direction I wanted this blog to go. When I first started this blog five years ago my life was in so much turmoil and I was in a lot of pain and my blog became a diary of sorts and now the years have passed and alhamdulillah my life became stable (apart from my medical issues)

I live the life now of a million women. I spend my life working in the garden and making beds and building train tracks with my son and teaching my daughter algebra and trying to be a good wife. There is nothing particularly interesting or different about me.

I have been thinking for a while now to direct this blog towards things more naturally minded. Recipes and lifestyle tips and how to make your own soap etc because that is what I am passionate about. When I first came here to South Africa I was shocked about what a disposable country it was, the amount of rubbish food and shiny stuff people just have to have is crazy (I am not talking about the poor obviously) Over time I found my niche here, I figured out how I could recycle and I planted a massive vegetable garden and figured out where I could buy second hand clothes from and I became more at peace with myself and not so lost.

Over the last year I have lost sixty kilos, people always want to know how and I tell them I eat chocolate ice cream for breakfast which is true! I used to count calories and all it made me was depressed and sick. Now I eat a plant based diet where I never count calories, I don't consume any animal products or anything processed and I have never, ever felt better with more energy, slowly over time it has helped with my body issues too of which I have had many. And the best thing of all is that my grocery bill is down by a third, my kids also eat this exact way but my husband does eat meat now and again (he is my work in progress :D )

Every morning my kids and I eat a bowl of this for breakfast, I buy ten kilos a week of bananas super cheap from the wholesalers and me and my wee man and I spend an hour chopping them and freezing them

Yes my kitchen table is often often covered in fruit and veges because I am always cooking something!

To make the ice cream you literally throw the frozen bananas in the food processor until it turns to ice cream, you throw in whatever else you have and then you end up with this bad boy, all I did was add some cacao powder and some berries

Bananas here cost me 6 rands a kilo (or 40 cents USD) the only problem you may have is going outside to hang the washing and finding your child sneakily eating it from the freezer :D

He may also pilfer any strawberries you leave out

It is the beginning of Autumn here now and how heartbroken he is going to be now berries will go out of season! But at least mandarins will come back in to appease his heart a little! It will also be too cold soon for him to fill up his wee pool and play in it for an hour in the afternoons, although I hate the heat I will miss all the perks of summer!

It is just about twelve here so I need to go and start lunch before my husband gets home. Today it is kidney bean burgers with sweet potato fries (I bake them with garlic and onion powder and some cumin) If you are looking and some lower cost recipes to feed your family (and seriously who isn't with the rising food costs) then this is a great blog to check out.

I will write a couple of posts soon on how to drastically reduce your grocery bill. This is something I have become a master with in the last year as my surgical bills reached massive proportions.

Speaking of surgery I need to have another one tomorrow so keep me in your prayers!

Happy Sunday all xxx


  1. Asalom Alai Kom sis, It is such a ppleasure to see yoou back at the blog. I have missed your posts. I love your blog...I loved the old too...MashaAllah wa TabarakaAllah you sound good ALHOMDOLELAH.
    Love and Salams K xxxx

  2. Asalamu Alaykom,

    What a trip it's been for you! It sounds like you've arrived where you needed to be and that you are at peace. Anyone can be happy---but only a few can find peace. Alhumdulillah for a quiet, healthy life :)

    Please let us know that you are OK after your surgery. In sha Allah you're doing well.