Tuesday, 29 May 2012

A kind word

This is my request that if any of my dear blog followers can to please pop by this dear sisters blog and leave a kind comment. She is having such a hard time and I so often feel tears in my eyes reading her blog because her pain is so real and in some ways familiar.

Thank you all so much in advance.


  1. Assalamu Alaykum Bonnie
    Thank you for informing us :) very kind of you. I will leave a message insha'Allah.

  2. hello sis Bonnie..I have left a message to her but still on moderation..it is a bit long though..I hope I have helped her in some way..thank you sis Bonnie..this is one way of touching others life through the experiences that we have been through..I followed her site too for updates ;)

  3. You are both such sweethearts, I knew both of you (and most likely Marie) would be a few of the ones to visit her blog and say something encouraging. Love you both xxx

  4. Dear Bonnie, It is such a sad story for your friend. I stopped by, just left some words. It looks like she has good friends, like you, who help her with kind words but it does not change the fact that she is living a nightmare.
    Sending love to you all.xx

  5. Assalam aleikum.

    In a part of hadith, the Prophet(S) said,.. "O Abu Huraira! The pen has dried after writing what you are going to confront....Bukhari.

    Whatever decision would a woman take, or a man take regarding marrying, or re-marrying, or any other matters, it will certainly be something Allah would have already written.

    I clicked on the link and read the blog, it looks like the sister is having a clear bitterness regarding polygamy. Being a man, I do not think I could have been of much help to comment on that.


  6. Walikum Salam Thankful slave

    Firstly thank you for your comment from a male perspective.

    Secondly it is not just that black and white, this sister is clearly being stripped of her rights. Her husband spends ninety percent of his time with his new wife and she is given very little of any emotional or other support compared to his new wife and I am sure that you know this is clearly not acceptable in Islam.

    Sometimes we don't have to give someone advice with their situation we can just say I'm sorry for your pain.

  7. In Sha Allah, I'll visit her blog and leave her some words of love.

    By the way, many times people take polygamy as it's some gift granted and as if they can just go ahead and marry anyone, anytime. it's not permitted if the man can't be just in between the spouses...but they just ignore that fact. My heart goes for that sis. So sad to see that people are spoiling the name and beauty of Islam just for the sake of their worldly pleasure..