Saturday, 19 May 2012

Why I homeschool

When my daughter was a baby I never intended on homeschooling and actually truth be told I thought home schooling was for freaks who wanted to socially deprive their children from all the public education system had to offer.

When my daughter was about four I met a woman who homeschooled all her six children, I remember telling her I didn't know how she found the patience and she told me something that made all the difference (and I myself have told countless people) "Patience isn't something that we are born with, it's something that is learned as you go along" ma'ashallah she was an amazing woman and although she died from cancer three years after that I will never forget her.

So my daughter starts school and she never really thrives, her reading is behind, her writing is behind and nearly every day she pretends to be sick, . This continues for a year when I decide enough is enough and make the decision to leave my job and home school her. Almost straight away her reading and writing improves and in the space of a few months she went from barely being able to read any words to reading chapter books! That alone was the encouragement I needed to keep going and that I did.

Oh you wouldn't believe the negative comments I have received over the years from people who think I should put her into school (as if it's actually any of their business) many people are curious but some are just plain rude (to those people I start talking a lot about government conspiracies and that usually gets rid of them ;) )

I wouldn't say I that I wouldn't send any of my other children to school but with A I would not, it just doesn't work for her. You can't fit a round peg into a square hole and I know my daughter well enough to know that the 'traditional' school system is just not for her. She excels at home actually, she may be ten but ninety percent of the subjects she is studying this year are at high school level ma'ashallah. What works for one doesn't always work for all as is clearly shown with her.

Originally I was unschooling her but that didn't work so well, I'm just not organized enough ;)

So now we start at 9.30 with Arabic every morning.

From ten to twelve we do maths, english and history

From one to three we do science, geography, social sciences etc

From four to dinner she works on a project that we decide on previously and it could be from making a bird bath to sewing a dress to making a clay pot.Sometimes she will just spend it reading.

For an hour each night I try to give her an hour with just me to do whatever she wants so tonight we watched a documentary on the Aztecs sacrificing rituals but tomorrow it may be scrabble or baking muffins.

We do have other projects and things we do but i think I will save those for another day :)

She is also expected to do chores daily and they change from day to day but I have not touched her bedroom since she was four and she also does her own laundry and puts away the dishes. I don't pay her for general helping around the house because that is just being part of a family but for jobs like washing the outside windows or scrubbing the stairs she does. Teaching our children to be responsible is one of the most important things we can teach. When I see a mother who does everything for her children I often think she is robbing them of the pride they feel from being able to handle responsibility. Life skills are something I really focus on in homeschooling her because when I left home I did not know how to cook at all or clean or even sew on a button! I would never want that for her.

I do feel strongly that insha'Allah I will continue to home school any children I have because I see the continued blessings from it. Well statistics just speak for themselves!

Basically the reason I home school is because it is what is best for my daughter and her sense of security means more to me than all the free time in the world.

Have a blessed  weekend my dear sisters xx


  1. A beautiful post Bonnie. I am happy to read about your experience and the benefits of Homeschooling for your daughter.
    When I think about it sometime (when we will have children) I hear so many negative comments I stop talking about it with people.

    Children are different and what works for one might not work for the other. But thanks be to God you met a great women (may she rest in peace) and you decided to take a chance with your daughter. I am sure it's lots of work but the results are brilliant and she learns, progress much more this way than she would have done at school.

    Mentalities evolve and people start to understand the school model is not the best one for all.

    Thanks for sharing about your journey, it is very inspiring dear.

    1. My dear Marie

      I just wrote this long reply and tehn it just went away, I HATE it when it does that.

      People are generally negative about things they don't understand or don't want to understand (Islam anyone?) It's just ignorance and I love that I can prove them wrong!

      I am glad you understand children are different so many people don't but they are not all cookie cutter replicas and it would be a rather boring world had Allah made us all the same

      Love you Marie xxx

  2. Masha'Allah sis, you are a good mother, May Allah bless you and your child :) hehe, ameen.
    Take care

    1. Thank you sweetie, and thank you dropping by and your dua. Loving your blog btw xxx

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  4. Thank you Henry :) I will certainly look into it!

  5. I am happy you like to homeschool your child - it is not an easy job. I have often thought about doing this, if the needs must I would definately do this, at this time they are content and doing well at school. In my own way I do homeschool them because at home I have my own organising routine for teaching them about islam and giving them extra homework haha!

  6. Alhamdulillah, Allah has given you many favours, Imaan, Islam, children who are the coolness of your eyes, intelligence, beauty, etc. May Allah grant you increase in His bounties upon you. Reading about your relationship with your daughter and how well you are raising her makes me desire so much that I could have a little girl as well

    1. JazakAllah khair for the dua :) You are in my dua's as well, may Allah bless you with another child insha'Allah and if that is indeed what Allah wants then I hope it is a girl :)

  7. Assalamu Alaikkum sister,

    I'm so glad that homeschooling is going smooth for you, Ma Sha Allah!

    I loved the ending- the way you made A responsible little girl is so amazing. Many times, moms think that being a mom is doing everything 'for kids' and not letting them do anything. You are so right that we must make them responsible and help them stand stern and independent. In Sha Allah, your tips would help me in near future with my girl...:)

    Much love to you all, for the sake of Allah!