Friday, 10 May 2013

The flu season.....

I guess the flu season came early this year as everyone in this house seems to have been hit with it!

I know everyone has different home remedies when they get sick but I thought I would share some of mine. I  well and truly hope this all come out as coherent as because of pudding being sick I have very little sleep, now at noon he is so tired he has just fallen asleep in the middle of my bedroom on the tiles. Excuse me while I move him to his bed!

This time I managed to get away with a very mild dose of it because as soon as the kids started showing symptoms I started taking large amounts of vitamin c and d along with colloidal silver (which I can't swear by enough) I have some lovely  Bengali friends in Auckland who make and sell it online and later I will post the link for anyone in NZ who is interested. I also drink organic apple cider vinegar and raw honey with warm water during the day. People tell me all the time how they drink apple cider vinegar all the time with no results, the problem is that you shouldn't just buy and consume it if the vinegar in the bottle looks clear, hold the bottle up to the light and if you can see some murky stuff hanging around in the bottom of the bottle then that's the one you will actually reap a benefit from. I also add lemon juice to everything humanely possible.

I also make my own cough medicine which is as follows

2 tbsp of organic coconut oil
2 tbsp of raw honey
2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar
1/4 tsp of ginger
1/4 tsp cayenne pepper
1/4 tsp cinnamon

I put it all in a jar and shake until combined, then several times during the day take two teaspoons of it, it's not really like you can have too much of this! But with four people in the house I do make a jar a day when sick.

I also make my own chest rub by combining coconut oil with eucalyptus oil, sometimes I add beeswax just to solidify it a little more. No way do I use Vicks with it's nasty added turpentine oil and petroleum and my own one is just as effective and certainly cheaper as well. It's a win all round.

I avoid refined sugar like the plague, including fruit juice. Sugar is your worst enemy when you have the flu.

We practically live on soup when we have the flu. I add loads of onion, garlic and spices like ginger, cayenne pepper and especially fenugreek, I make rye bread most mornings but for times like this I keep a stock in the freezer ( I have not been able to find a GMO free bread here, as they add soy flour to it all it seems, so I have to make all my own). I LOVE Molly Katzen for soup recipes (and actually all recipes) her recipes are easy and I have never had one fail. 

Well I better go, today's soup is a Thai pumpkin soup made with coconut milk and lots of spices and I have a feeling it is about to simmer over if I leave it any longer than I already have. 

Several times a day I spray the surfaces with a mixture of water, white vinegar and tea tree oil to avoid any further contamination and I also wash all the clothes with some tea tree oil added to the water and make sure to dry all washing outside (if possible). 

Several times a day I spray the surfaces with a mixture of water and tea tree oil to avoid any further 

Wishing you all a blessed weekend xxx

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