Monday, 4 February 2013

Storm clouds

It's pouring with rain here in Africa and as I stared out the window at the increasingly darkening clouds I thought how lately a few friends of mine have been going through hard times.

Today's writing is not going to really offer Islamic advice as a few of my friends suffering are not actually Muslim but of course as always, I always direct anyone first and foremost to our creator, the lord of the worlds.

Some really hard times.

One of them although I have never met her in person has one of the most beautiful souls I have ever had the fortune to meet. She was always there for me when I was at my lowest with some uplifting words, some presents and her prayers. Her friendship has meant more to me than you can ever know. You could not ask to meet a kinder and more special woman, although she is not technically Muslim, in many ways she is more Muslim than many other Muslims I know if that makes sense. Please pray for her as she prepares to have her baby next month. She has had the most awful time in the last few months.

Two years ago when I was crippled by my circumstances, people would say stuff to me like 'Just be grateful you are not starving in Africa or whatever' I wanted to hug those people. In the face.With a chair. Instead I just cried and held on even tighter to the few friends I did have.

You see at that time I couldn't see past my circumstances, the pain was slowly suffocating me and that was all I knew. I hoped against hope for a better future but it seemed that all that was coming my way was trials and tribulations. I begged Allah for it to just stop because I couldn't take it anymore.

My friend told me "You know whenever I am having an awful time or I met someone who is going through utter hell I just tell them, just be grateful you haven't had Bonnie's life........

Errrrr thanks??

Today as the storm raged on outside, I was more than annoyed because I really needed to go out but couldn't take pudding out in the rain of course. But an hour later my daughter came running in to tell me "Mummy, look out the window" and as I did I saw not one but two rainbows! If the storm had never come I never would have been able to experience my once in a lifetime experience of seeing two rainbows. And I was grateful for it even though an hour ago I was cursing the weather, we never know just what a storm will bring.

But storms take away the old and bring in the new. The rain washes away the debris and rubbish and brings with it a new start. When the storm rages around us we want to hide and sometimes we do but when all is over and the air is clean and the ground washed clear. Sometimes though storms leave devastation in their wake but in that instance sometimes the only way to fix something is to tear it down and start again.

If you know me in person you will know just what storms I myself went through and how for everything bad thing that happened, Allah brought me so much more than I could have ever even asked for.

So for all my dearest friends suffering through your own storm may our creator bring you better what you had before and bless you with your own double rainbows.


  1. My dear Bonnie, your words are so beautiful and kind. One day I hope I'll be able to give you back all the love you share with me.
    I love these 2 rainbows!!! - I do remember I saw a wonderful one the day of my second scan. I was going home, crying as I was alone and it was pouring rain around me and I had nobody to share my good news with, nobody I could hug. I felt so sad and lonely, and then there was this rainbow and I light up.

    Sometime we feel so down we can't see the ray of light is not so far from us.
    Sometime we need to fall, to allow ourselves to cry and feel empty.
    Sometime it's the only way to be able one day to find the strength to start again.

    God is always with us, whatever state we are in and it is what matters.

    Sending you my love and keeping you all in my prayers. May God keep you as kind as you are, my sweet friend. xx

  2. Oh my sweet you deserve a whole sky of rainbows!

    It's stormy here again tonight but this time it's flooded the kids room. Certainly in South Africa it never rains, it pours.

    Did you get the thing I sent you today. Let me know so if not I can chase up the company.


  3. MAshAllah.... You know you will probablly swipe at me for admitting this but I always say to myself Bonnie came through it I can too..... Barakalafeek sis.

    You know my husband always says that rain is sent to wash the sins of the world away. This became so mind blowing when my Father In Law remarked that 2012 had the highest rainfall in Libya for years the volume of Olives increased in his words because of it. My husband and I like to think that it washed the war away.

    I love rain ...I miss it...we only have so many days here that it rains, but when it RAINS IT RAINS