Monday, 25 February 2013

Happy Monday!

I'm sorry for the late post! I've had several health problems especially since I arrived in South Africa and just have not been up to writing a whole post, I have had to reserve all the mental energy for home schooling and being able to support my husband. Insha'Allah I will see a new specialist this week.

Life here has been rolling around as per usual with me cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning. I am the only person I know without a housekeeper here actually, I don't know it's just weird to have a stranger in your house cleaning your bathroom, or maybe it's just me to think that way......

I am starting to make a life here for myself, something I wondered if I could possibly ever do. I've made friends and swapped recipes and am somewhat involved with one of the local masjids. I went to one women's Islamic classes but when the women there started treating me like a ghost there because I was a convert I never even glanced back, I left that crap behind behind when I left high school, they are well welcome to their clique.

Speaking of being a convert, if looks here could kill! If I go into a public place (where there are more white people) they give me death stares lol but if I go into a more Muslim populated area and they hear my accent they want to know everything! And try sneaky ways to gain that information. We were in a Bengali restaurant once when the waiter waited until my husband went to the bathroom to come and ask me where I was from, I felt sure they had a bet going on out in the kitchen, but it wasn't appropriate to ask in a restaurant which prides itself on it's Islamic atmosphere and after the chewing out my husband gave him I doubt he'll be making that mistake.My husband tells me they (as in the people inquiring) just can't rest until they know where I am from, how we met, why I converted and quite possibly even my blood type ;)

I think in part it is a cultural thing. When I was in Bangladesh it was AWFUL the way people would just stare. It was like they had no shame at all. I loved the country but hated the staring oh and the asking. It makes you feel awful. Sometimes when I asked them to stop they would, but otherwise no. I read a post on the staring of men today and how she deals with it (these in particular are South Asian men) I don't know if it's more acceptable in those cultures, I haven't quite had the same with Oriental Asian, African, or Arab Muslims, I absolutely love her blog and you can check it out here.

Anyway I had better go now and put pudding to bed.

I WILL try my best to get started on my 'How I converted to Islam' story tomorrow.

Wishing everyone a happy Monday and blessed week ahead.

Lots of love

Bonnie xxx


  1. As-salaamu-alaykum Bonnie

    I always enjoy reading your updates, especially now that you are in South Africa, it's nice to know what your experience of the country is, your perspective would be different from those of us living here our whole lives. I'm so glad that you're say you making a life here for yourself, even if it is only temporary. However, I'm saddened by your experience with the women who ignored you, I personally think that's so wrong, but Allah knows best about everyone. I so wish I lived closer to you. And the staring, I agree with you about it being South Asian men who usually stare at women, I actually feel very uncomfortable and try not to be alone when I'm in places where I'm likely to encounter this, it freaks me out.

    Anyway, hope that you have a great week ahead;-) Stay well and in peace

  2. Asalaom Alai Kom Lil sis
    Ooooohhhhh I am so excited you are back posting blogs. I better get a move on too hahahaaa I am procrastinating.

    Oh Lil sis I am so happy you are starting to make friends Alhomdolelah...I wish I could too.
    Yeah even in Ireland the mosque was Clique, and my BFF was a British Etiopian, who actually used to ''drop me'' when we were at mosque, not in a vicious way but cos she never saw her ''African'' friends, and was not comportable to sit with the ''Irish'' sisters. I was confused and often sat alone.....I was not yet married so I was in Limbo...I didn't like the cliqueness at all.
    Men don't seem to have this MashAllah

    OH THE STARES!!!!!!!!!! I think the weirdest question I was asked was ''Do you Love your husband?'' It was an enquiry from a lady who had two foreign sis in laws, and was outta the blue hahahaa I replied ''Look around where I live...what do you think hahahaha''

    My husband freaks when nurses at clinic ask where I am from ''and s your husband Libyan?'' Now that is a dangerous one...Libyan women HATE that we ''stole an eligable'' Libyan...but the foreign nurses are just trying to figure me out LOL. A says to tell them he is Irish maybe we getter better care nest time LOL.
    Oh I just remembered one lovely nurse from Bangladesh followed me out to have a look at my husband and what car we drove LOL (an ole banger of a car which is A brothers cos we have none LOL) hahahahaa so Maybe it is not just the Asian/Bangladeshi men that stare hahahahaa K xxxx

  3. Hope your health problem will be resolved soon....gald to read you again my dear friend and see you are slowly settling down in your new life.