Thursday, 7 February 2013


Finally it's Friday! This week has seemed to drag on by, I guess in part to my dear husband and I both having a bad stomach virus and our conflicting cultural views on the best treatment, mine being plain food and lots of water and his being food with lots of chile's....Now I am not boasting or anything but I do have to say my opinion turned out to be the clear winner in this case. I was very good though, I only said I told you so about six or seven times. I really think I'm learning the skill of restraint.

Also Friday is our date night! No matter how much work he has we keep this date like it's etched in stone. I have seen too many couples become just a mother and father instead of husband and wife and we are determined that we will not fall into that. I think it's imperative a couple has time to talk together, discuss goals and dreams and requests etc. We usually only go somewhere close by and simple, but even if we just end up sharing fries in the car in the McDonalds parking lot, it's not what we do, it's that we are together.

On Saturday we are going to the drive in! So cool. My husband and daughter both love animated movies whilst I hate them but I think it's more about the experience. Plus I'll be busy wrangling pudding :) Trying to stop him from throwing popcorn everywhere and wriggle his way out of the window.

Our new home school curriculum will arrive insha'Allah next week as well, Afrikaans is mandatory here but I am trying to best to somehow avoid that. I don't even know one word of the language!

I thought I would share some photos from our week, they are not the best quality but iA this week I will get my camera fixed! I miss like it like a dear old friend. My husband does not want any photos of the kids faces on my blog anymore and although I haven't shown any of my daughter since she got older I will have to get more creative with the ones I put up of pudding.

The rain pouring down outside my bedroom

Garlic knots

Pasta salad

A tree as the sunset filters through it

Baba pushing pudding on the swing at dusk

 Pudding watching the rain fall into the pool

Ambrosia for Baba
 Pudding climbing up the slide, instead of going down!
 Pudding's gingerbread man

A reminder on the rubbish bins lol

I seriously need to go and start the housework now, as much as I wish it the windows are not going to wash themselves. I try to do everything on a Friday so the weekends are relatively free. Although we have a large group of my husbands friends and wives coming on Sunday and so he reminded me " Honey, they are Egyptians so remember you have to serve them meat or we will look really rude" LOL

Have a beautiful and blessed weekend

Love Bonnie xxx


  1. Glad to see bits of your new life Bonnie. Your little one is so big now!!!! Oh My, time is flying really.
    I think you are right husband and wife nights are very important and you should keep it up.

    Have a lovely week-end and best of luck for the housework!!


  2. He certainly is big! He is talking away, climbing away and most importantly running away! I will email you some 'real' photos. Much love to you my dearest, can not wait to hear some special news from you!

  3. Dear Bonnie!
    It's been a long time, but it's so great stopping by again and seeing your smile in the sidebar and seeing how handsome and big your precious one has become! :-) Masha'Allah. You are all in my prayers and I hope you're smiling and having a beautiful weekend.
    All my love.

    1. Thank you sweetie for your kind words. I miss your blogging!! Alhamdulillah he is the sweetest little boy ever, he brings sunshine flooding into my every waking moment. I am SO happy you stopped by! Biggets hugs and blessings my dearest sister xxx